The purpose of the USTA is to have fun
while building friendships, old and new, 
through organized competition that 
supports all USTA clubs 
and gives back to the shooting community 
by providing a healthy environment  
that fosters the growth of trapshooting in Utah.

"Message" from the ATA Utah Delegate

July 2017

There was a lot of shooting action the past month, starting with Magna and Last Resort Gun Clubs, the Western Grand in Vernal, and then the Utah State Shoot at Spanish Fork. Magna and Last Resort each had very nice attendance and produced some great scores in all three disciplines. There were three 100s in singles each day, with Steve Johnson being the only one to break 100 both days. 97’s were high in the caps both days from Sharred Oaks, Scott McKin-non (both days), Craig Hart, and Scott Doran. In doubles, Scott Doran had a career high 98 on Saturday to lead the pack, and McKinnon had a lone 100 Sunday under very breezy conditions. You can check out all the scores on the USTA website.

Sean and Stacey Hawley once again put on another memorable Western Grand. The shoot went very well with great trap help and accommodations. There were shooters from 22 different states, and two Canadian provinces! The weather was good the first three days, and then the wind picked up more than a little bit the last two days. Each day started with a very gentle breeze that was just enough to let Old Glory show off her Stars and Stripes in almost picture perfect fashion during the National Anthem.  

Utah shooters had a clean sweep of the major Championships with Jason Holman winning the Singles with a score of 198 and extras. Sharred Oaks had the lone 100 in the twin bird event, and Tanner Fisher had the only 99 in the Handicap Championship. Scott McKinnon took both the High All Around and the High Over All — both uncontested. Scott also managed his fourth career 100 in Handicap and his second in six events!! Congratulations to Scott and all other trophy winners from Utah. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the Wyoming brother and sister act of Hardy and Haley Musselman and the tremendous show they put on all week.

Next came the always anticipated Utah State Shoot at Spanish Fork. Weather was agreeable (maybe a little hot the first day) with clear skies and only the morning down—canyon winds.  

The Utah State Association, Jerry Batley, Brad Spencer, Justin Sloan, Glenn and Sharon Brown did a great job of running a nearly flawless shoot. Club Manager Deb Johnson and Club Presi-dent Vic Layton, along with their directors, did their best to make shooters feel welcome. The grounds were in their usual perfect shape and stayed that way the entire shoot. The behind the scenes help also did an admirable job. People such as Delana Leshko, Vickie Skelton, Jenny and Michael McGowan really went out of their way to help out with anything they could. 

Spanish Fork Gun Club is notorious for producing great scores in the past, and it didn’t disap-point this year, either. Joe Sudbury captured the singles title over Brian Gooch with 200 straight and extras. Great shooting, Joe and Brian. Not only did Joe break the 200 championship tar-gets, but he also broke all 500 singles targets during the week. Lady I was won by Leslie Bodi-ly, and Lady II was won by Lori Martin.

Sharred Oaks, Quint Sudbury and Justin Bodily had a field high 99 in doubles with Sharred Oaks prevailing as the twin bird champ after one round. Lady I was won by Leslie Bodily and Lady II by Pam Wright.

In the Handicap Championship, once again only one round was needed for Sean Hawley to best Robert Green and Grayson Stuart after 98’s. Lady I was won by Leslie Bodily (making a clean sweep), and, Lady II by Carolyn Southerlin.

Sharred Oaks won the High All Around and High Over All both uncontested. Congratulations to all of our champions. Be sure to check out all the scores on the website.

A bunch of “first’s” took place during the shoot, beginning with Sharred Oaks completing his Grand Slam on Friday by carding a perfect score from the 27 yard line, but he didn’t stop there. He went on to have a perfect day and put up a 300 X 300. Outstanding!

More kudos on the “first’s” list go to Jarin Hone, Justin Sloan, Scott Doran, and Grayson Stuart for all of them making the 27 yard line. Welcome to the fence, guys.

And the quote of the month has to go Grayson Stuart. After being congratulated by Jim Copsey (New Mexico) for shooting a 98 in the Championship Handicap, Grayson replied “Thanks, the best thing about it is that I FINALLY….FINALLY made the 27 yard line” !! I forgot to mention that Grayson is the ripe old age of 12!

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