"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
           UTAH ATA Delegate



Thanks & keep shooting 'til 
Mickey says stop!

Western Zone  &
Utah ATA Delegate
Oct 2018

The old target year ended on August 31, and the new target year has begun. The month of September is quite often one of the best weather months for shooting in Utah. This month has not disappointed! The first shoot of the year in Utah started off at the Vernal Rod and Gun Club for their annual “$500 Bill Fall Handicap.” The bill is a donation made by Steve Johnson and Aubrey Fogarty. The shoot consisted of four handicap events over two days with the high compo-site score garnering the big prize adorned with President McKinley’s likeness. The High Over All score went to 27 yard New Mexico resident, Mike Grady. 

During the shoot, Troy Oaks and Joe Sudbury both posted field high scores of 99. Also of note, Trent Van Dam won all four short yardage trophies. It was nice to see Trent’s daughter, Shay Lee, helping him carry armloads of trophies out of the club house.

During the ides of September, Nephi held a one day shoot with about 30 shooters in attendance. Mark Greenhalgh and the other members of the club did a good job of running the shoot and set surprisingly good targets considering the 30 MPH south winds. Scores were only fair considering the extremely strong winds. Gene Wilson and Bill Curtice from Helper Gun Club were in attendance and brought a set of voice pulls for Nephi Gun Club to borrow. Gene also helped Mark set targets throughout the day. It is always good to see members from one club helping another club succeed.  

While at Nephi, I visited with Brad Spencer about his health issues. Brad was diagnosed with throat cancer last winter. After undergoing treatment (chemo and radiation), he is doing very well. He stated that his last PET scan and scoping came back negative. This is great news, and I wish the best for Brad. Brad shot as much as his strength would allow during his treatments, and he shot very well to boot!

Also undergoing some health issues is Don Harwell. Don underwent open heart surgery in July and is still recovering and not able to shoot just yet. He is however acting as a cheerleader and following his much better half, Jerri, around to shoots. Speaking of Jerri, I noticed that she had shot a career high 97 in singles at Cedar City last month. When I asked her about the score, she was elated. She told me that she ran her first ever 50 straight, missed three, and then end-ed with a 25, “For three 25’s in one event!” It is always fun to hear about someone achieving a personal milestone!

Due to extremely large wildfires which are in close proximity to the gun club, Spanish Fork had to cancel its scheduled two day shoot.