"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
           UTAH ATA Delegate



Thanks & keep shooting 'til 
Mickey says stop!

Utah ATA Delegate
May 2017

Spring has finally arrived in Utah, which doesn’t mean it’s warm, it means that we can expect nice weather along with dicey weather. Spanish Fork and Vernal both hosted shoots and by looking at the scores one can tell the weather made things quite challenging to say the least. Some very good shooters had some not very good scores! Scores are posted on the USTA web site. Make special note of George Cook’s 100 in singles at Vernal. That was a great score in those conditions. Good job George.

This is the time of year that the snow birds return home from the warmer climate areas that they have been holed up in the past six months. A couple of those snow birds are Karl McKinght and his wife Carrie. Karl is the main gunsmith at Tucson Trap and Skeet during the winter month’s so it is always nice to have him back in Utah just in time to get our guns tuned up or repaired in order to start the target season off with a well functioning piece of equipment. Although there are other gun smiths around it is very nice to see Karl at most the local shoots with his trailer in tow and the ability to do on site repairs. Carrie also provides a service to shooters in making custom molded hearing protection. If you can’t wait to see Karl on the weekend at a shoot and you live in the Salt Lake area, you can swing by his house and drop your gun off and get it back before the next shoot.

Another person that provides a service to the shooters is George Cook of 3S (Shooting Sports Software). If George isn’t doing the cashiering at one of the local shoots around the state or cashiering one of the neighboring State Shoots, odds are pretty good that his program is being utilized by someone at the club. George’s program makes it easy to sign up and handicap the shooters as well as figure out a trophy report and also have a finished shoot report to send the ATA. For those who have been around a long time in the shooting world, you will remember that in the mid 1980’s George’s cashiering business was called C3A. These initials stood for (George) Cook, (Ron) Christiansen, (Phil) Cox and (Dale) Amos. At the time all four of them traveled and shot together and ran the program that George was the brain child of producing. But, alas, as time passed all four went their separate ways. Phil quit shooting, Dale more or less quit shooting due to health issues, Ron moved to Nevada with his real job but still shoots and shoots very well. This left George and his wife Jan to carry on the legacy of electronic shoot reporting in Utah. If you haven’t had the pleasure of visiting with George I encourage you to do so, he always has a smile on his face and has some great stories to tell. But be prepared, he will be wound as tight as a 10 day clock! This is one of the reasons he is so interesting to visit with.

Another person I would like to mention that certainly helps the shooters in Utah with information distribution is Mark Scholes. Mark is the original designer of the Utah State Trap Shooting Association’s web site. If you have a program or scores to post Mark is your go to guy. Mark went on a sabbatical a better part of the past year and he was dearly missed. He is now back and has been working on updating the web site with accurate club info as well as posting scores and programs. Mark has also added an email link on the web site that will go straight to him. So if you have something to post or a question to ask don’t hesitate to contact him. Everyone likes to see results posted, especially if they didn’t attend a certain shoot, so I encourage all the clubs to send your shoot results to Mark so we all can enjoy them.

For those of you who are involved with the AIM youth program you need to check out the ATA web site and see if your club or team is eligible for some of the Grant money provided by the Potterfield Family of Midway USA and the ATA. Here is a link to the letter the ATA sent out describing the endowment program: 
The ATA put up $250,000 and the Potterfield’s did a 2:1 match ($500,000) which means the endowment is now over $750,000 with interest earned. To be eligible teams must be registered by July 15, 2017. This is a great opportunity to help out our young shooters.