"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
           UTAH ATA Delegate



Thanks & keep shooting 'til 
Mickey says stop!

Utah ATA Delegate
March, 2017

The Spring Grand has come and gone and the turnout was great! The Singles Championship alone had 810 entries. Utan had 29 shooters that made the trek south in hopes of finding warmer weather than they were having at home, and for the most part they were not disappointed. It certainly was warmer with several days hitting 80 degrees. It was however a little breezy to down right windy a few days. Thus scores were not always as high as one would expect.  

Notable trophy winners on numerous events were Sean Hawley and Shared Oaks during Per-Grand week as well as Grand week. With Shared taking Junior honors on both the Class Doubles and Championship Doubles events with 100 straight. Breaking 100 straight in doubles is no small feat in itself, but I am here to tell you that during the Class event, it was extremely windy, great shooting Shared! Jamye Anderson was one of six shooters who broke 200 straight during the Singles Championship and went on to win AAA honors after overtime. Sub Junior Hayden VanDam won so many events neither him nor his father Trent could remember how many! Way to go Hayden! Father and son Chris and Austin Kinder both brought home hardware as did Linda Gibson and Lori Martin. Lori also broke the first half of the 200 bird singles race on quite a challenging morning. Good job Lori. All the scores can be found on trapshooters.com. If I missed any other Utah trophy winners I apologize.

Now that the Spring Grand is over the beginning of shooting season really begins. The Round Robin, which runs through March at selected clubs throughout Utah, is a great way to get new shooters involved in our sport. Late March is the real kick off to ATA shoots at our small clubs around the state. The volunteers that run these small clubs work very hard to put on a fun shoot for us all. Please help support all of our clubs as much as you can. 

Pre-squading for the Western Grand in Vernal has started and is filling up fast. This is always a good shoot with Sean and Stacey Hawley working very hard to make sure that it is a good shoot. They always make sure that great trophies, food and entertainment are available. Vernal also has a lot to offer the non shooting members of the family as well. There are rivers to run, dinosaur bones to see and golf balls to be hit. Come on out and enjoy the Uintah Basin and do a little shooting as well.

Vernal is also one of the 13 Western Zone sites that is being held July 13-16. The ATA is adding $3000 for the High All Around to be paid out on the Lewis class for 5 classes, two pays per class at 60/40 spilt. There is an automatic no cost entry for everyone shooting all 400 High All Around targets.

The State Shoot is slated for June 21st -26th at Spanish Fork Gun Club. The program is being written as we speak so keep your eyes open for more information to come. The Officers are hard at work making sure you have a good time.

Just a reminder that the NRA sometimes has grants available for gun clubs that host charitable events for women and children and/or cancer fund raisers etc. Gun clubs can go to the NRA web site and find the form and give it a try. Grant writing is an art where some thought must be put into the request, but don’t let that stop you.

Finally, the ATA has mailed five free memberships to each of the clubs in Utah to be given to brand new ATA shooters. There is nothing that says we have to use these only at the club they were mailed. For instance a club that can’t find any new shooters could mail there allotment to a club who could support more than five. Try to find someone who has never registered a target and get them involved in our great sport!