"ATA Delegate Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
             ATA President
           & UTAH ATA Delegate

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ATA President
Utah ATA Delegate
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June 2023

ATA shoots picked up in Utah during May. Nephi, Helper, and Ogden Gun Clubs all held one-day shoots. Attendance at all three of the clubs was very respectable.

Nephi Gun Club: Sub-Junior shooter Cole Fitzgerald was high in singles with the lone 100 straight, also his first ever. He told me his previous high was a 96! 

Helper Gun Club: Pam Wright was the high handicap 
shooter with a 94, putting her back on the 27 yard-line 

Ogden Gun Club: Joel Laborde was the high-handicap 
shooter with a 98! Joel, a former Cowboy Action 
Shooting champion, told me this was his first-ever 
handicap win. He said the 360-mile drive back home to 
St. George, Utah, seemed like a short trip after the win.  

I had the pleasure of traveling to Spartanburg, South Carolina, to attend the South Carolina State Shoot. I flew to Charlotte, North Carolina, then drove the 75 miles to Spartanburg.

                               I shot with my long-time squad mates, Charlie Long 
                               and Charlie Bickle. State Association President, 
                               Teresa Knight, learned that I was coming to shoot, 
                               and she emailed me before I arrived and welcomed 
                               me and my squad mates with open arms. All the folks 
                               who ran the shoot treated everyone like family, not 
                               just me. I attended the first part of their BOD meeting 
                               on Sunday morning and gave them an update on the 
                               happenings in the ATA. 

The club is a beautiful 10-trap club sitting on a hill with trees in the background. Most clubs in the southern zone shoot 100 targets per trap, which speeds things up. I was on a four-person squad most of the time, and we could complete some of our singles events in under 40 minutes. It was impressive. I realize now why many Eastern shooters prefer singles events to handicap events. We shot 500 singles targets and only 300 handicap targets. Trying to get a good look at targets with a green background of large trees can be a humbling experience. 

I enjoyed myself very much. I was treated great, and partook in a free fish fry on Saturday night. 

The club used a group of scorers out of New York who travel the east coast and work many large shoots. They were exceptionally well-trained and constantly hustled.

After arriving home Sunday night, I received an email from Teresa thanking me again for coming.

I would recommend the South Carolina State Shoot anytime for anyone looking to try out a new venue.