"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
             WESTERN ZONE
           & UTAH ATA Delegate

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Western Zone  &
Utah ATA Delegate

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June 2021

Sadly, we have lost another one of our admired shooters. Don Harwell
 passed on May 8th while undergoing heart surgery. He was 75. Don
 and his wife Jerri were regular fixtures at all of the trap clubs around
 the state of Utah and were both State Team members several times.
 The Salt Lake Tribune printed a front page article about Don which
 was quite a tribute to him. It is worth googling and reading about his
 past and his contributions to society. Don was a very rounded
 individual in many sports. He also served in the United States Military
 during the Vietnam conflict. 

Don’s obituary can be found at the Broomhead Mortuary website. It is also worth a read. 

During his trapshooting tenure, Don amassed 12,275 singles, 11,100 handicaps, and 6,900 doubles targets. What I remember the most about Don is his smile. Posting good or bad scores, acting as cheerleader for Jerri, or talking to others, he always had a smile on his face. 

Rest in peace, Don.

Now on to trapshooting. The season is in full swing. The bad news is the wind has been in full swing, as well. I have forgotten what it is like to shoot in nice warm, sunny, and calm weather. Hopefully, those types of days are just around the corner.

This year I am seeing an increase in the number of beginning shooters and their families enjoy-ing trapshooting together. I can think of at least five different families venturing to ATA shoots around the state. 

I highlighted the Cook family last month: Daxton Cook, his parents, and sister at the Ogden Gun Club, where Daxton shot first-rate. Now it seems that his dad Tye is doing well, also. Tye earned yardage at Nephi Gun Club, and both Tye and Daxton earned yardage at Helper Gun Club.  

Another family that is shooting together is the Hall Family from Vernal. 
Charlie Hall told me that there are five generations of trapshooters in his family. His Grandpa Dallas Thacker, who was president of the Provo Gun Club in the 60s and 70s, his father David Hall, then himself, daughter Natasha, and her son Trace. 

During the April shoot at Spanish Fork Gun Club, Charlie and son-in-law Brenden both broke their first 25 straight. Daughter Natasha did one better; she also broke her first perfect 25, but she turned it into 50 in a row. Pictured from left to right are, Trace Huber, Charlie Hall, Cashe Huber (a little too young to shoot, but a good cheerleader), Natasha, and husband Brenden Huber. 

                                            Cindy Pierce also scored a first in her young career while shooting
                                            at Spanish Fork.  In late April, she broke her first 25 straight.  Cindy
                                            is the mother of Jordan Pierce, a very accomplished junior shooter. 
                                            After having lost his shooting buddy, Dalton Van, last year due to
                                            a traffic accident, Jordan has been taking time off from the sport.
                                            Hopefully he will return soon.

I want to thank all shooters that support our great sport, but also send a shout-out to the family groups who can put together a squad themselves. Quite a feat in this day and age. 

Lastly, I want to discuss the Western Zone Big 50’s being shot at Spanish Fork eight different times beginning May 18th and continuing every other Tuesday until late August. The WZ Big 50 is the same as any other Big 50 except there are Zone Lewis purses (optional) and a Zone fee. At the close of the eight events, those who have entered at least four times will have their best four scores added up, and the highest score will win a very nice belt buckle provided by Joe Hanley of Nevada. If you just want to shoot “Big 50’s” you can, but to be eligible for the belt buckle, you must shoot the WZ Big 50’s.