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            by ED WEHKING
             WESTERN ZONE
           & UTAH ATA Delegate



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Western Zone  &
Utah ATA Delegate
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March 2019

Ah, the beginning of March. You can see the light at the end of the tunnel as far as the end of winter goes. The onset of Spring means the Round Robin shoot in Utah is just around the corner.  

The Western Zone Big 50’s continue to be a success, and I am hoping we get a few more clubs in Utah to participate.

March also means that the Spring Grand in Tucson, Arizona, just ended. This year’s Spring Grand will probably go down in the record books for having had the worst weather in recent memory. Wind, rain, hail, and also snow. 

The Caesar Guerini Handicap had to be canceled because the snow storm caused the Championship Doubles to be delayed, which then made it so the handicap event would have been difficult to complete. One could really feel the pain and suffering that the trap help endured while pulling and scoring the Doubles event during a near blizzard. 

The Western Zone Delegates held a meeting during the shoot to discuss a few items. Number one on the agenda was the telephonic Western Zone shoot. This year the shoot date is quite early, due to scheduling issues with some state shoots. The Zone will be held on June 28-30.  Utah's host site will be at Golden Spike Gun Club in Brigham City. There will be a total of 10 different zone sites in the West. Added money for the High Over All purse will be increased by $500 to $5,000. Trophy numbers will be the same as last year.

The Delegates also decided to continue with the Western Zone Big 50 program all year long instead of just running it from October thru April. However starting in May, it will be held on Monday thru Thursday, so as not to interfere with weekend ATA shoots.

Now onto the main gist of this report, the Spring Grand trap shoot itself. Utah had approximately 20 shooters in attendance. Sean Hawley, Sharred Oaks, Brett Despain, Bob Green, and Gray-son Stuart all had a good tournament and brought home trophies. I probably missed a few folks, so I urge you to check out; www.shootscoreboard.com to see who won events.  

Instead of just describing the shoot, I thought I would post a few photos for readers to enjoy. Those of you who go to Tucson regularly will recognize these people right away. And for those who do not frequent the club, you can see who is there shooting and who helps run the shoot.  

The first photo is a very common view of Sean Hawley in the evening, under the lights in a shoot off.

Next photo is Marge and Ray Stafford, who are regular fixtures at most of the large shoots. Ray is a very good shot, and Marge is a very good shopper!

Another of my favorite people to see at Tucson is Cliff Haycock. Although Cliff resides in Colorado, he is really one of our native sons. He and his wife are both from Carbon County. 

I always enjoy visiting with Cliff. He seems to have a perpetual smile on his face, and will always take the time to visit. If you look up “gentleman” in the dictionary, you could very well see a pic-ture of Cliff next to the definition. 

The people who help the shoots at Tucson run smoothly are (in no particular order) Doug Sims, shoot manager. Doug sees that the shoot starts on time, handles shoot-offs and makes all the announcements. 

Char Prytula is the head cashier. There are at least five cashiers behind the counter, and Char keeps things in order. She also helps with certain handicapping issues as well as sorting through the shoot-offs.

Jerrie Finfrock is the head trophy person. If you have ever won a trophy, I assure you that Jerrie has presented it to you, as well as snapped your photo for Trap and Field