"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
           UTAH ATA Delegate



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Utah ATA Delegate
June 2018

It’s finally looking like spring here in Utah! Rain showers, snow flurries, wind, sun, you name it, Utah has it all. It’s also the time of year more and more clubs are hosting shoots. During April and May there were a lot of events around the state, and in bordering state, as well. In April, Vernal and Spanish Fork both held shoots, and in May, Ogden, Lee Kay, Heber, Helper, Nephi, and Spanish Fork all held events.  

The shoot held at Lee Kay was basically a 1,000 bird doubles marathon on Saturday, along with 100 Singles and 100 Handicap on Sunday. Approximately 20 shooters shot the first 500 Doubles on Saturday morning, while 11 shooters managed to shoot at all 1,000 targets that day.

At the Nephi shoot, Dale Erickson posted a field high 99 from the 21 yard line. Nice job, Dale. Not to distract from Dale’s accomplishments, Scott Doran broke his first ever 100 straight in Doubles! I am sure it is just one of many more to come. And, of course, Joe Sudbury broke his usual ho-hum 100 in Singles. 

Heber Gun Club drew the short straw and had terrible weather. But not bad enough to keep Sudbury from breaking his usual 100 in Singles. 

Helper had a better turn out than expected. Jordan Pierce, Scott Doran, and Doug Devries all were perfect on the Singles. Steve Johnson and Tanner Fisher were high in Handicap with 97’s. Justin Sloan, Dalton Van, and Scott Syme all had 99 in the Doubles.

Memorial Day weekend featured Spanish Fork hosting its annual Memorial Day Shoot. Steve Johnson was the big dog at this three day shoot. He had a 99 in Doubles, 98 in Handicap, and a 100 in a Singles event! That was all in one day to boot! Dalton Van also had a 98 in handicap which now puts him on the 26.5 yard line…..so close to the back fence! Joe Sudbury, Justin Sloan, and Ian Stodart all broke two 100’s in singles over the course of three days. Gene Wil-son, Chad Greenhalgh, Scott Doran, Chad Frericks, Zach Foster, Steve Stewart, and Steve Ot-teson all had 100’s in Singles along the way. You can check out all the scores at www.utahtrap.com.

Idaho held its State Shoot on Memorial Day as well. Only 5 Utah shooters made the trek to Boi-se, but all came away with hardware. Linda Gibson put together a very nice 96 in Friday’s Handicap, and Kyson Muhlestein had a field high 94 on Saturday’s Handicap, Scott Syme tied for out of State high score in the Championship Handicap with a 96.

In the Singles Championship, Grayson Stuart shot a field high 199 in Singles in very windy conditions. He tied another Out of State shooter and was victorious in the shoot-off to take High out of State honors. It was very heart warming to see Grayson’s sister, Saige, give him a very sincere, congratulatory hug. next closest score was two197’s, Scott Syme having one of them. Congratulations to all Utah shooters. The scores for Idaho State Shoot are posted on:  shootscoreboard.com

The USTA Board of Directors have been working on the State Shoot preparations the last few months, and should have the shoot program ready in a week or two.  Pre-squad for the State shoot is open now, be sure to sign up soon as the squads fill up fast. By pre-squading, you not only guarantee yourself a spot, but you are also contributing to the added money portion of the shoot….all pre-squad fees collected will be going towards prize money!