"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
           UTAH ATA Delegate



Thanks & keep shooting 'til 
Mickey says stop!

Utah ATA Delegate
Jan 2018

The holidays are over and we are now in the deep freeze of winter here in Utah. With any luck some new trap shooting equipment arrived for young and old alike under the Christmas tree. The only ATA action during the month of December was in Utah’s Dixie at Purgatory Clay Sports. This was a one day shoot that had a respectable turn out of about seven squads. Wynn Isom was high in the singles with the lone 100, Kevin Bradford had a field high 97 in the handicap and Scott Syme led the doubles ranks. You can check out all the scores on the USTA web site.

On an almost somber note, if you have shot at Spanish Fork Gun club anytime in the past 10 or so years you have been greeted by club manager Debra Johnson. Debra has decided to retire December 30, 2017 (hence the somber part). Debra was hired by the City of Spanish Fork to manage the club in March of 2006, and according to her husband Steve, she then started drinking heavily in April of 2006:) Debra has a huge following of friends ranging from shooters to non-shooters alike. One very good friend of hers is also one of the club directors, John Yorkey (AKA Utah York). John said that when he first started shooting trap 7 years ago, Debra's husband Steve was showing him a Perazzi and was telling him about all the finer points of owning one (Steve was trying to make a sale). They were sitting in front of the club house and John told Steve he’d first have to check with his "wife" to see if it would be okay to purchase the gun and then he left for home. After leaving, Debra turned to Steve and said, "Isn't that so sweet of him to check with his wife before buying anything?" Steve just rolled his eyes and said, "For gosh sakes, he's not married!" (I doubt Steve really said gosh). Later on Debra told John how much she laughed at this and the two have been friends ever since.

Speaking of Steve, he also has had a lot to do with the gun club (both in a paid and volunteer capacity). With Debra retiring I understand that he may cut back on his time spent at the club as well (time will tell). I for one would like to thank both Debra and Steve for their contributions to the sport we all love so much. If not for people like them we would not have a place to shoot.  

Upon Debra’s retirement, Kiersten Dumas has been hired by the City to be the new club manager. Kiersten has been a familiar face at the club for years where she first was hired as a puller and then earned her way up to being the head of all trap help at the shoots. She has done an excellent job in that capacity and I am sure she will not disappoint in her new role either. Congratulations Kiersten (hopefully you will not start drinking heavily next month)!
Seeing as how it is News Years it is once again time to make those mostly useless resolutions. I have found that making fun resolutions are much easier to keep than the not so fun ones, i.e. shot more, miss less….ha ha ha. Seriously, if you want to improve your shooting it is best to work on little things and only one or two things at a time. Another thing that can help is to track your averages, but not on a weekly basis. I have found that once every month or two is sufficient. If you track them too often you can get disappointed kind of like weighing yourself everyday when you are trying to keep one of those other silly resolutions! 

Till next time…