"ATA Delegate's Newsletter" 

            by ED WEHKING
           UTAH ATA Delegate



Thanks & keep shooting 'til 
Mickey says stop!

Utah ATA Delegate
July was a great month for shooting trap! Weather for the most part was hot and dry. Spanish Fork (SFGC) held two different shoots. The first shoot was a 500 bird doubles and 300 bird handicap marathon shoot. There was a very good turnout with some exceptional scores being posted. One of the highlights was Brett Despain earning two yardage increases with scores of 97 and 98, which put him on the 27 yard line for his first time. Welcome to the fence, Brett.

The second shoot at SFGC had them hosting their annual Fiesta Days shoot in conjunction with the Western Zone. The Zone shoot is a telephonic shoot, with 9 different clubs across the West participating. SFGC had 84 of the 608 total participants zone-wide. Out of 108 trophies awarded, SFGC shooters did very well by garnering 24 of them, including the main handicap championship. Junior shooter, Charles Wachtel from Arizona, pounded out 100 from the 27 yard line. Nice shooting, Chuck! Other zone-wide handicap winners were Leonard Wehking, (my brother) winning Sub Vet with a 97, Karsen Duvall, winning Sub Junior with a 96, and sixth place winner was Pam Wright, with a 96. 

I must commend club manager Kierstan Dumas and her staff for running such a smooth shoot.  

Last during the month of July was Golden Spike Gun Club’s two day shoot in Brigham City. The targets were very good with some very high scores. Nico Elardi from Evanston, broke his first ever 100 in singles on Sunday! In the handicap on Sunday, there were three 98’s. Joe Sudbury, Craig Jones, and Jordan Pierce. Jordan was especially happy with his score, as he was getting ready to depart for Minnesota to attend gun smithing school for two years. His parents are sad to see him leave, yet happy for him at the same time. Good luck Jordan!  

Back to that Sudbury guy, he had the high score in five out six events, and came in second in the other event for a 590/600. Nice shooting Joe. Beautiful weather, nice targets, added money, and good trophies! What more could a trap shooter ask for?

All the scores can be found on either the USTA webpage or on trapshooter.com webpage. 

Now on to a very sad note. Wayne Singleton, long time supporter and coordinator of the AIM youth program, was taken from this world way too soon. Wayne was married to Lynette Singleton and was the father of Kami Singleton. Kami has been a perennial State Team member as well as a previous State Handicap winner. Kami’s shooting skills and life values can be 
attributed to the great parenting of Wayne. Kami and Lynette were the center of Wayne’s universe. Everything he did was for them. Wayne was a very caring and giving person through-out his life. That caring and giving has continued on after his passing. Wayne was an organ donor, and at least 15 people have benefited from his passing. My condolences go out to the family, and a salute to Wayne! You will be missed.